Dear members,
Dear colleagues, guests and friends,

It is our pleasure and a great honour to welcome you to the EUROSPINE Spring Specialty Meeting 2019 in Frankfurt, the beautiful and world famous city of trade and commerce in the centre of Germany.

EUROSPINE as the largest spine society in Europe with its constantly growing number of members gives us the opportunity to continuously expand the horizon of knowledge and research with regards to excellent spine care. During our Spring Meeting several hundred participants from many countries will gather with their colleagues to exchange knowledge, skills and the latest advances in research and clinical findings in order to improve our patients' treatment and ensure the best of spine care possible.

This EUROSPINE Spring Meeting 2019 dealing with “Highly Complex Spine Surgery” will take place in cooperation with our local friends from the German Spine Society (DWG) and our international cooperation partners AOSpine and the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS). Together we have designed a programme for you bringing worldwide recognised experts together that will share their “Tips and Tricks” for complex spinal surgery with you.

Besides we keep a very diversifying entertainment programme ready, combined with the possibility of establishing new contacts and deepen the existing. Enjoy the local attractions such as multiple museums and ancient history
of the beautiful city in the heart of Europe.

As we are really excited and look forward to sharing the following days with you hoping that you will enjoy networking and learning about the best in spine, all that is left for us is to once again welcome you all in Frankfurt to our EUROSPINE Spring Specialty Meeting.

Your local hosts,

Frank Kandziora, Thomas Blattert & Bernhard Meyer

Kosten: 200 - 600 €

CME-Punkte: 12 Bislang nur beantragt


02.05.2019 - 03.05.2019


Frankfurt am Main



Ufuk Aydinli
Lorin Bennecker
Thomas Blattert
John Duff
Tamas Fekete
Michael Grevitt
Alexander Gubin
Frank Kandziora
Heiko Koller
Jesus Lafuente
Claudio Lamartina
Jean-Charles Le Heuc
Ulf Lilienquist
Baoge Liu
Hossein Mehdian
Bernhard Meyer
Ibrahim Obeid
Cagatay Öztürk
Selcuk Palaoglu
Luca Papavero
Ferran Pellise
Avelino Prajon
Florian Ringel
Dominique Rothenfluh
Sebastian Rütten
Rene Schmidt
Klaus Schnake
Christoph Siepe
Ralf Stücker
Marco Teli
Claudius Thome
Peter Vajkoczy

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