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United Therapeutics Europe Limited
The `PAH virtual clinic¿ is an online educational programme designed for specialist physicians and nurses to enhance foundational knowledge and expand competency in managing patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), using Remodulin ... [Meer] therapy. The content is based on case studies and is designed to expand competencies in managing treatment of PAH patients with subcutaneous or intravenous infusion of treprostinil. By providing your permission to be contacted by United Therapeutics Europe Limited when you log in, you will be kept informed when new courses are added.
Merz + Co.
Merz + Co.
Patentex oval is a foam ovule for intravaginal contraception. It is a hormone-free and well-tolerated contraceptive with local action. It is used only when needed.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Belgium
Johnson & Johnson Consumer wil naast zijn bestaande bestelplatform ook een uitgebreid informatieplatform aanbieden. Met de vernieuwde Pharmacy online wil het de communicatie met alle apothekers in België en Luxemburg verbeteren.
Merz + Co.
Detailed information on Parkinson´s Disease, preclinical and clinical data to PK-Merz.